Praise for Abandoned:

“An outstanding book for policymakers and people who work with adrift young people.” 

KIRKUS REVIEWS (starred review)

Washington Monthly contributing editor Kim diagnoses a ‘crisis of opportunity’ among America’s youth in this substantial and cogent analysis of U.S. public policy. … Policy makers and social justice advocates will find valuable insights in this sobering, well-sourced examination.”


“Anne Kim has written an urgent exposé of the disparities of opportunity that impact young people in today’s economy and job market. In the same way as Matthew Desmond detailed the lives impacted by evictions, so Kim explores the lost opportunities afforded impoverished young Americans.For all who care about social justice, this is a must-read.”

—SASHA ABRAMSKY, author of The American Way of Poverty:
How the Other Half Still Lives

“In defiance of stereotypes of lazy and unmotivated youth, Kim depicts young people who are eager to break into the workforce but face personal and structural obstacles that sabotage their efforts at every turn… [A] smart, solutions-focused examination of an often-overlooked social crisis.”


“Millions of young people in our nation are neither working nor in school. It is a genuine crisis in plain light. Anne Kim has written a much-needed and most excellent book on the subject. Informative and highly readable, Abandoned tells us why we’re failing and what we should do about it.”

—PETER EDELMAN, Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Law
and Public Policy, Georgetown Law Center, and author of
So Rich, So Poor and Not A Crime to Be Poor

“A brilliant and comprehensive examination of what is clearly a crisis of disconnected youth, who are severed from family and community and who are suffering. For anyone who cares deeply about our youngsters and fashioning public policies to improve their lives, Anne Kim’s book is a must-read.”

—REP. ROSA DELAURO (D-CT Third District), author of The Least Among Us

“In Abandoned, Kim breaks important new ground about how our country can help America’s emerging adults realize their enormous promise.”

JACK MARKELL, Governor of Delaware (2009–2017)

“[A] remarkably important book. . . . Kim has set the table for a much-needed conversation about a population of young people neglected for far too long.”

ALEX KOTLOWITZ, Washington Monthly

“This comprehensive overview of the problem of disconnection among young adults in the U.S. offers proven solutions and concrete policy recommendations.”
SHELF AWARENESS (starred review)

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