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Generation Covid: Record numbers of youth opt out of college, work (Newsweek, Sept. 28, 2022)

STEM Voices: The experiences of women and minorities in science, technology, engineering and math occupations (American Enterprise institute, May 2022)

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Reporters of color are declaring independence (Washington Monthly, November/December 2020)

Why apprenticeships should go soft (Washington Monthly, September/October 2020)

America’s elite universities are making millions off summer programs for teens – but do they really help kids get into college? (The Washington Post, August 28, 2019)

You’re out of prison. Now you have to get your drivers’ license back. (The Washington Post, April 4, 2019)

An innovative fix for rural higher education deserts (Washington Monthly, September/October 2018)

Rural America has too few dentists – and too few patients who can pay (The Washington Post, June 7, 2018)

The push for college endowment reform (The Atlantic, October 4, 2017)

How cash bail keeps the poor in jail (The Atlantic, January 15, 2017)

The Dialysis Machine (Washington Monthly, November/December 2017)

How the Internet wrecked college admissions (The Atlantic, October 17, 2016)

Book Reviews

How robots will make our work more human (Washington Monthly, November/December 2020)

The fallacy of meritocracy on America’s college campuses (Washington Monthly, August 15, 2020)

Punishing fathers for being poor (Washington Monthly, April/May/June 2020)


Tax the unvaxxed (Washington Monthly, August 11, 2021)

Why Democrats still need moderates (Washington Monthly, August 5, 2021)

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Pell Grants should cover good short-term worker training programs (Washington Monthly, June 23, 2021)

The wrong way to build Black wealth (Washington Monthly, July 8, 2021)

Joe, you forgot about lowering the Medicare age (Washington Monthly, April 30, 2021)

Welfare work requirements have to go (Washington Monthly, April 17, 2021)

How earmarks can strengthen Congress (Washington Monthly, March 19, 2021)

What’s missing from the American Rescue Plan (Washington Monthly, March 10, 2021)

What’s wrong with the federal government Buying American? (Washington Monthly, March 1, 2021)

High on pot taxes (Governing, September 2019)

It’s hard to be a moderate politician. It’s also more expensive. (The Washington Post, May 28, 2015)

Could At-Large House Districts Solve Washington’s Gridlock? (The Atlantic, January 24, 2016)

Who Really Abandoned Dems? (Politico, November 18, 2010)

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Selected white papers

“A Case Study of the Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education,” in Minding Our Workforce: The Role of Noncognitive Skills in Career Success (American Enterprise Institute, May 2021)

America’s Resilient Center and the Road to 2020 – Findings from a New National Survey (Progressive Policy Institute, November 2018)

The New Rules Economy – A Policy Framework for the 21st Century (Third Way, November 2007)

Reconnecting Work and Wealth (Aspen Institute, 2017)

Why Lou Dobbs Is Winning (Third Way, November 2007)

The Price of Paying Taxes (Brookings Institution, May 1, 2002)